About Us

What is Fitness?

Over the years, we have often asked ourselves the ultimate metaphysical question: what is fitness?
Is it achieving a certain body fat percentage? Is it being able to lift a certain amount of weight? Is it being able to run or swim a certain distance?
And the longer we speak to our customers and the longer we consider the question, the more we realise what fitness isn’t.
Fitness is not just the Instagram model with the perfectly chiselled abs. It’s not just the heavy lifter in your local gym. It’s not just about strict nutrition and endless reps. In fact, it’s not just about the way you look.
Fitness is about feeling the best you can feel in your own body, based on what you want that body to be able to do.
Woman doing plank on a green fitness ball
Close-up Photo of Woman in Gray Tank Top and Gray Leggings Tying Her Shoes
If you would like to run the 5k, fitness for you starts with being able to run a kilometre without needing to stop for breath. If you want to add a bit more muscle to your frame, your version of fitness is being able to progressively lift more weight.
If endurance or strength are not at the top of your list of priorities, and you just want to stay healthy and feel good in your skin, fitness for you is light exercise several times a week.
Fitness is about embracing exercise as a part of everyday life, as well as embracing the knowledge that you can’t give every single workout your very best. Driving yourself nuts is, after all, not fitness.

Who are we?

We are here to help you discover what fitness is for you.
Whether you are looking to lose a bit of weight, gain a bit of muscle, or simply add a regular movement routine to your day, our mission is to provide just the right fitness equipment and accessories to allow you to reach your goals.
Our items are designed to appeal to both rookies and the more experienced among you. They are made of nothing but quality materials, and serve to support you on your journey to fitness.
We know just how difficult it is to start working out, to keep working out, and not to stop working out.
But hopefully, with a bit of our help, you’ll discover a routine you actually enjoy and look forward to.
Remember that patience and perseverance are the two main ingredients of fitness. Add to that a dash of community spirit (hopefully supplied by us), just the right equipment (definitely supplied by us), and a bit of your own drive and motivation, and you won’t fail to see results.
Join our family of satisfied customers who have already made their goals a reality.
Because together, We R Fitness.
People at the gym