We R Fitness Ab Roller


The We R Fitness Ab Roller will be your trusted companion for years. We can practically promise you’ll never get tired of using it – and if you do, we have a couple of suggestions for making your ab workout more fun and challenging. 

  • Primarily targets ab and core muscles
  • Can also be used to tone quads and back muscles
  • Durable and can last a lifetime
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Suitable for beginners and those with more experience
  • Dual rubber grip wheels and comfortable foam handles

Whether they’ll admit to it or not, most people who embark on a weight loss and fitness journey would like to have visible abs.

And while abs are primarily built in the kitchen, and doing crunch after crunch until you can crunch no more won’t actually produce visible abs – it will do wonders for your core strength and posture.

In order to make your ab workouts more interesting and targeted, try the We R Fitness Ab Roller. Designed to be used both by beginners and more experienced gym goers, it’s a versatile and robust item that will make crunching away more engaging.

Primarily working your abs and core, it can also be used to tone your quads, arms and back muscles. You can also do side to side motions that will primarily engage your obliques.

The best thing about our ab roller is that you can literally start using it as a complete beginner, and still be able to challenge yourself with it in a decade’s time. While it does appear a bit intimidating, and what you usually see in ab roller ads are models chiselled to the max rolling all the way out on the floor, you don’t have to start there (in fact, you probably won’t be able to).

Ab rolling beginners usually start on their knees, and roll out shorter distances. As your core muscles become stronger, you are literally able to map out your progress one roll at a time.

A compact piece of equipment you can use both at home and at the gym, indoors and outdoors, it’s made of non-slip rubber and comes with foam padded handles encasing a stainless steel tube that ensure a comfortable grip. The dual wheels provide more stability and allow for that side-to-side motion you’ll want to try out too.

Assembling your ab roller will be a piece of cake – especially if you feel you’ve recently had one piece too many, and would like to get your body moving.

Give it a roll, and watch as you become stronger, more poised and more balanced, from the outside in.


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