We R Fitness Anti-Burst Fitness Ball


The We R Fitness Anti-Burst Fitness Ball is the ultimate accessory for every Yoga and Pilates lover, and it can make even the most ordinary task (namely sitting) that bit more challenging. A great piece of equipment for improving both balance and flexibility.

  • Primarily used in Pilates and Yoga routines
  • Great for improving balance and flexibility
  • Can also be used to make strength training routines more demanding
  • A great replacement for your desk chair
  • Comes in 4 different sizes: 75cm, 65cm, 55cm and 45cm
  • Can support up to 200 kilograms in weight
  • Made from anti-slip and tear-resistant materials
  • Easy to inflate + comes with a pump

Not much to look at at first glance, the fitness ball is nevertheless a powerful piece of equipment that can help you tone your entire body and even build strength if used in combination with a set of weights. Not to mention, it’s a great replacement for your usual office chair.

Those who love doing Pilates have probably already come across it, and know just how fun and engaging a fitness ball routine can be. It’s also a popular addition to certain types of Yoga routines, but if you were to do a chest press while lying on it you’d realise just how handy it can truly be. Plus it’s much more affordable than a bench.

The We R Fitness Anti-Burst Fitness Ball comes in four sizes, so make sure you check our size chart before you choose one (and consider whether you plan on sitting on it while typing away, or are just looking to exercise with it).

It also comes with a pump so you won’t have to struggle with inflating it, and its durable and anti-slip materials ensure it can comfortably carry your weight. It can take the weight of up to 200 kilograms, so you won’t ever have to worry about an accidental burst (after all, it’s not called an anti-burst ball for nothing).

Our fitness ball can also provide some significant relief during pregnancy, and even during labour. The curve of the ball can relieve a lot of the pressure on your pelvis and lower back, making sitting up that much more comfortable.

Consider adding a ball to your routine – you’ll be surprised by its versatility and just how challenging keeping your balance on it can be.


Extra Large – 75cm, Large – 65 cm, Medium – 55cm, Small – 45cm


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