We R Fitness Extendable Door Pull Up & Chin Up Bar


If you are going to invest in just one piece of at-home fitness equipment, make it the We R Fitness Extendable Door Pull Up and Chin Up Bar. It helps you build upper body strength by performing the most natural movements possible, and a stronger back, shoulders and arms will enhance your quality of life in ways you have never previously imagined.

  • A staple in home workouts
  • Great for both beginners and pros
  • Provides the ideal upper body workout
  • A great way to improve ab and core strength too
  • Steel telescopic structure with comfortable neoprene grips
  • 62 centimetre base + 19 additional centimetres on each side
  • Can support up to 150 kilograms of weight
  • Comes with a set of fasteners

Working out doesn’t have to be overly complicated. You don’t need to invest in a lot of bulky and expensive machinery to build up your strength, lose weight or tone your muscles. In fact, sometimes the simplest exercises provide the best possible results.

When we asked members of our staff what their favourite piece of equipment was, the We R Fitness Extendable Door Pull Up and Chin Up Bar won by a landslide.

We attribute this to the fact that it provides the most natural way of working your entire upper body, back and abs. Sure, you can use weights or do floor-based bodyweight circuits, but nothing can replace pulling your own weight.

Even complete beginners can use our bar. Even if they have never done a chin or pull up in their life. All you have to do is stand on a chair and assume the top position, and then lower yourself down (feet off the chair of course). This is a great way to work towards being able to do your first full pull (or chin) up.

Given the fact that pull ups are a major test of physical health and that women should be able to do at least 5 of them (and it’s at least 8 for men), you might want to start practicing yours as soon as our bar arrives.

You can also do an amazing ab workout by hanging from the bar and lifting your bent (and later on your straight) legs while swinging as little as possible. Side-to-side lifts are also highly recommended.

Easy to set up, comfortable and sturdy, our Extendable Pull Up and Chin Up Bar is all you need to work towards the healthiest version of yourself you have been to date.
P.S. And if you were wondering what the difference between a pull up and a chin up is, pull ups have your palms facing away from you, and chin ups have them facing towards you.


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