We R Fitness Height Adjustable Aerobic Fitness Step


The We R Fitness Adjustable Fitness Step seems like a very simple and straightforward item. And while all it essentially does is provide a space to step onto, it can take your cardio routine to unprecedented heights. While you can (in theory) use household items to emulate the step, in order to ensure your safety, always go for the non-slip option, like our versatile product.

  • Levels up your cardio routine
  • Great for both beginners and pros
  • Helps execute high intensity, low impact exercises
  • Provides a total body workout
  • Can take a load of up to 150 kilograms
  • Non-slip coating on top and bottom
  • Two adjustable heights: 10 centimetres or 15 centimetres
  • 68 centimetres long and 28 centimetres wide

If you’ve been into aerobics in the 80’s, you’ve already come across the fitness step. It is a staple in many cardio routines, and many YouTube and Instagram fitness influencers use it in their workouts.

What makes it such a popular item is its sheer simplicity. Yes, it’s just a step. Ours is made of durable polypropylene, which is moisture-resistant, won’t fade in the sun, and won’t let your foot or the step itself slip and slide as you’re working out.

This simple step is however amazing for all of your high intensity, low impact exercises that are kind on your joints, but that still get your heart rate up. Unlike running and jumping, both of which are high impact routines, the ones you execute on the step will still leave you feeling drained, but will be less taxing on your body.

Not to mention that low impact exercises are not as loud as high impact ones, so your neighbours will love you more too.

The step is naturally great for toning your leg muscles (and your glutes too), but you can just as easily use it for a total body workout. When used in conjunction with weights, it can level up your strength routine too.

Whether you are just starting to work out or have been doing so for years, the We R Fitness Adjustable Fitness Step can easily slot into your routine, whether you are just looking to step up and down, or do some very sweaty HIIT.

Of course, you can go old-school and find an online step aerobic routine to fall in love with too. As it will most certainly come with some very lively music, your workout will feel more like a dance party, and is sure to put you in a much better mood. Just think of all the endorphins you could be revelling in!

Step into fitness with the We R Fitness Adjustable Fitness Step – you won’t regret it!


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