We R Fitness Push Up Bars


The push up is a staple exercise (or shall we call it a movement?) in every fitness routine. However, doing push ups on a hard floor is not exactly good for your joints, and the discomfort you feel can quickly damage your form. Enter the We R Fitness Push Up Bar Set, a comfortable, light and safe way to perfect the push up in the comfort of your own home.

  • Strong, sturdy and durable
  • Made from steel with soft foam handles and a non-slip base
  • Comfortable S-shape that is kind on your joints
  • Reduces pressure on your wrist and elbows, allowing you to perfect your form
  • Even weight distribution
  • Light and easy to travel with
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Being able to do push ups is considered a sign of both health and strength. However, most of us dislike doing them, because they come with that joint pain and discomfort that quickly absorbs all of our attention and takes our focus away from our form.

And when you do push ups incorrectly, you can injure yourself and further add to your negative or mixed feelings about this exercise.

With the help of the We R Fitness Push Up Bars, you will never have to worry about joint pain again. And you will find yourself looking forward to doing that one extra push up. Remember, women should ideally be able to do 8+ push ups, and men should be looking at the 15+ mark.

Our steel push up bars come with comfy handles that reduce the pressure you would otherwise place on your wrists and elbows, and also enable you to go lower than usual, increasing the intensity of the movement.

The key to mastering the push up is to mind your form. Your body must remain in a straight line throughout. You don’t need to lower yourself completely, only as deep as you can take the tension in your chest.

Your core needs to be engaged, as well as your back and glutes. All of these muscles are targeted by the push up, though it is still mainly an upper body exercise.

If you find regular push ups too difficult, you can start from the knees and work your way up from there.

Whether you can do 50 push ups in a set or have yet to execute your first full one, the We R Fitness Push Up Bars will help you master your form, prevent wrist and elbow injuries, and ensure you hit your goal. Give them a try and push your way to the best fitness of your life.


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