We R Fitness Speed Skipping Rope


If you are tired of running and don’t own a bike, or are just looking to freshen up your cardio routine, the We R Fitness Speed Skipping Rope is here to help you out. Even if you are just about to embark on the first fitness journey of your life, skipping is still an amazing way to get your heart rate up.

  • Great cardio workout
  • Burns calories in a fun way
  • Improves lower body strength, agility and speed
  • Light and portable, easy to travel with and can be used anywhere
  • Ideal for both men and women, beginners and pros
  • 3 metres longs + customisable
  • Steel wire core coated in PVC
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Comfortable 14.5-centimetre handles
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While the first image you conjure up when contemplating skipping may be a bunch of school kids playing in the park, there is another popular culture image you can jump to. Remember Rocky?

Skipping is a routine used by pro athletes looking to improve their agility and footwork, but it is also just as amazing for beginners. It’s cardio at its most fun, with endless variations available: you can do regular jumps, jumps with high knees, swing the rope to the side, do criss-cross skips.

Skipping will not only improve your cardiovascular health, it will level up your footwork and agility (which is why boxers love it), strengthen your legs, and it is also an incredible way to burn calories. A 160-person can burn as much as 700 calories in an hour.

The We R Fitness Speed Skipping Rope is here to help you fall in love with the activity. It’s light and highly portable, 3 metres long and made of intertwined steel wires covered in PVC, so should last you practically a lifetime.

It can also be adjusted to fit your height with the simple help of a pair of pliers, so don’t worry if you are not all that tall – you can still enjoy our skipping rope.

If you want to add more movement to your day-to-day routine but hate running and would prefer a straightforward and flexible routine you can do in your own yard or a nearby park, give our speed skipping rope a try. You can of course also skip indoors, but make sure you don’t accidentally damage any of your possessions.

Skip into fitness with the We R Fitness Speed Skipping Rope, and channel your very best Rocky Balboa.


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