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Leg day is never an easy day. After all, you’re engaging some very large muscle groups there. If you are looking for a variation on leg workouts, and also wouldn’t mind investing in an item that can also help you work your arms if the mood so strikes you, take a look at the We R Fitness Thigh Muscle Toner – a great way to tone and shape both your upper and your lower extremities.

  • Can be used to target inner and outer thighs, glutes and arms
  • Simple to use and easily portable
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • The handles are coated in dense and comfortable foam
  • The spring itself is encased in plastic, ensuring complete safety
  • Provides medium resistance
  • Great for a targeted approach to leg workouts
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You may have already seen the thigh muscle toner advertised on TV. And while it seems a bit gimmicky, it does actually work.

Envisioned as an item you place between your thighs and simply squeeze, it adds medium resistance to each movement, ensuring your muscles get a much more impactful workout than were you to repeat the same movement without the thigh muscle toner.

It can also be used to work your arms. The same principle applies: just grab it and try to squeeze it shut.

The We R Fitness Thigh Muscle Toner is a convenient and simple way to target specific muscles in your body. Its handles are coated in very comfortable foam, so your legs won’t be irritated by it, and the spring is safely stored in a plastic shell, so no danger there either.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can benefit from the use of this item. However, if you are just starting to work out, you will feel more of a burn than someone who has already been working on their leg muscle strength. You can certainly get sore from this workout.

Most importantly, your legs won’t get big and bulky from exercising with the thigh muscle toner, so you can put that worry out of your mind. You can expect to get more toned leg muscles, that’s all.

Also bear in mind that you can’t spot reduce fat, so merely working out with the thigh muscle toner won’t help you lose any of it from your thighs specifically. However, with the aid of a balanced diet and a wholesome exercise routine (and with the added benefits of the We R Fitness Thigh Muscle Toner), you will start to see some significant results.


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